Who We Are

We are brand new to market, creating something special. 

Entrepreneur Roddy, his wife and long-term business partner Jackie, and their Marketing graduate daughter Bonnie found a gap in the market for a brand new specialised job board software. Initially aimed for education job boards, Teachers Web are going to disrupt the education job search market dramatically. There is currently no job site dedicated to a specific country's teaching jobs. We're fixing that.

Too many job boards get swamped with too many schools posting from all over the world, making it far too difficult for teachers to find their dream job, and similarly for schools to find suitable candidates to hire.

UAEteachers was the initial site launched to disrupt this market. This is the ONLY job board 100% focused on teaching jobs in the UAE. Check it out here: www.uaeteachers.com. 

Our Software

Teachers Web are creating a bespoke job-board software specialising in promoting teaching jobs specifically for one country. 

This will allow teachers to find a better job match, in return reducing the time, energy and costs from schools' recruiters.

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Telephone: +44 (0) 1505 851270 

E-mail: roddy@teachersweb.co.uk


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